How to do cat eyeliner

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To show a glamorous look you have to create a design with your eyes to look attractive. Just go with the cat eyeliner. You want to know how to do cat eyeliner. To learn it you have to just practice. It is a technique of art. However, when draw it on their eyes they just look awesome. A fun fact of art which is drawn at eyes.

To know more about what is this read our full article. We will describe it. It can be also applicable to all kinds of eyes.

Follow it strictly. Trust me it is an easy process to apply. Then you will know how to do cat eyeliner.

The way of applying cat eyeliner  

When you apply eyeliner must follow some rules. If you want cat design. With this article, you will learn how to apply eyeliner. Look-like a cat eyeliner design, women have to apply them carefully. Because in their eyes they have to draw that design like a cat. In many kinds of ways and designs, we are discussing it. You must also know this, it is also applicable to how to do cat eyeliner on hooded eyes.

Follow these…

Peak point picks

The eyeliner is suitable for you. Before using it firstly just use an eyeshadow primer. Use that primer directly goes on your lids eyes. However, it gives you a much freshness and smoothness in your eyes. Using of this your eye makeup also looks a well-settled smoothness.

If you want to use eyeshadow. Just spread this prime on your lids. You can use it with your finger and find out a flat and simple brush of eyeshadow.

Give a shape wing shape in your eyes. Start with this first.

Look direct at the mirror

Firstly, applying this eyeliner is very necessary to look forward to. You can see yourself in the mirror. Therefore, maximum women try to apply it by themselves. Looking in front of the mirror women feel a nice wave.

Watch straight for keeping safe and open your eyes properly.

Apply this firstly, standing in front of any visible thing. Keep applying the eyeliner with your hands. After when you have done all the things then you don’t have to look in the mirror.


Then apply eyeshadow


How to do cat eyeliner


Before using eyeliner you have to use eyeshadow to give you a nice look.

To balance its beauty draw your eyeliner. You can use which eyeliner, do you like most.

Apply it.

Just do what?

Draw an eyeliner in the lower and upper lashlines of your eyes. Which side you wanna use?

To give more beauty just do use eyeshadow at the upper of your eyes. You can use this with the brush. It helps you to apply it easily on your eyes.


Choose your eyeliner


How to do cat eyeliner


However, for cat eyeliner, there is different eyeliner. Choose liquid eyeliner. It works well in that case,

We cannot recommend any kind of eyeliner. Using a liquid eyeliner it gives us refreshment.

Besides pick a product which relevant to your eye color and compliment you. Nowadays whose eyes color is green amethyst eyeliner suits them.

Try black color eyeliner for cat design. It goes with that and gives you a gorgeous look.


Just hold eyeliner for mark

However, to thicker for the design of your cat eye. To draw the correct line because of this you have to draw that dot. Dot will be drawn just above your crease.

Just clearly both side eyes dots will be the same. Therefore, if don’t just do it. Its design won’t be in the same shape.

It is also an easy process and easily you can remove all the dots if you don’t like it. However, you also will know how to do cat eyes with eyeliner

Connect the line at the outer corner of your eyes

Therefore, try to focus when you are drawing the wing line. Don’t move your eyes. Just connect the lines from the dots to your eye’s corner.

To do it perfectly just practice it well. Without practice, you can not draw it perfectly.

However, we just recommend following our methods to learn about it.

Draw a line to the middle of your upper lash

After completing all the things start a line to your upper lash from your dot what you dot first.

Draw the line half of your upper lash. Don’t make the line too thick.

Because of its thickness, it doesn’t look so perfect. It is looking perfect with a thin line. Be careful when you are applying it.

Fill the outline

What you draw to your upper lash. Under the line just fill it out. With this, it won’t be complete.

Therefore, just check it out first. Check whether all your lines are correct or not.

For pencil eyeliner, you have to make several layers to fill it out.

Clean if you have done anything wrong

If you have done anything mistake clean the outside edge with the help of a cloth.

You can just any kind of tissue. It is helped you to draw it again. Therefore, always remember to avoid using a makeup remover for this. Instead, also you can use the eyeshadow that you use earlier to remove all the instant.

Draw a line from the inner corner to the outside corner

Therefore, when you have done all the things, then to cover your cat’s eyeliner just draw a thin line from the inner side corner to the outside corner.

It will be looked so attractive when you have done all the things.

If you follow all the methods you can look gorgeous.


Finishing touch with your mascara


How to do cat eyeliner


However, after doing all these things and you want to look more gorgeous. Use mascara as a finishing touch.

Start to apply mascara from your bottom lashes. Giving it a touch to look clear beauty.

Then apply it to your upper lashes.



On the other hand, just to know to increase knowledge about it you can use tape to draw properly the dots and lines for your cat eyeliner.


Towards the end

Now, I think you are just clear on how to do cat eyes with liquid eyeliner. Draw an eyeliner it is now a fashion. These women are using and they also love to use it.

We can see there are a lot of eyeliner that are used in different sections. There are many designs for cat eyeliner. You can check it on the Internet. However, it is becoming a trend to draw different shapes into the eyes.

In our article, we discuss cat eyeliner. You also can learn this by practicing. With a long suggestion, this will help you. There is a long suggestion and this will help you. You will learn how to do that.

When you draw that kind of shape it gives you a vibe. There are no women who don’t want to apply makeup. An eyeliner is part of them. How women apply to make, mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick. They also use this eyeliner.

So at last if you want that kind of shape design you just follow our method to enrich your knowledge about it. We just say one thing it won’t disappoint you.

You are just getting the suggestion or technique line by line. We did it to understand properly.



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