How to do eyeliner for hooded eyes

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To do excitingly makeup is one of the happy moments for women. Using an eyeliner in eyes lids it is a part of makeup. However, when women have hooded eyes they might think how to do eyeliner for hooded eyes. Therefore, hooded eyes mean you have some space in your eyelids area.

We generally see this as someone getting it from their birth. And the most interesting part is with the age of people I mean when people get old. Their eyes become a hooded shape. Then we will not be looking exactly what we are looking in now.

Somebody thinks with hooded eyes they cannot use eyeliner. There is a way and applying eyeliner for hooded eyes to look great.



How to do eyeliner for hooded eyes


In this article, we will discuss how to do eyeliner for hooded eyesThere are many kinds of ways. Read this you can find out all about this. Follow these 6 or 5 ways you will understand. Applying eyeliner is a long process that you have to follow carefully. And find out a great look.

We will discuss it below.

The process of applying eyeliner for hooded eyes

When you apply eyeliner must follow some rules. With this article, you will learn how to apply eyeliner. For hooded eyes, women have to apply them carefully. Because in their eyes they have little space. In many kinds of ways and designs, we are discussing it. Follow these…

Starting point 

Pick the eyeliner which is suitable for you. Before using it firstly just use an eyeshadow primer. This primer directly goes on your lids of eyes. However, it gives you a much freshness and smoothness in your eyes. Using of this your eye makeup also looks a well-settled smoothness.

If you want to use eyeshadow. Just spread this prime on your lids.

You can use it with your finger and find out a flat and simple brush of eyeshadow.

Give a shape wing shape in your eyes. Many of them want to know how to do winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. Before knowing that follow this starting point.

Take a straight look at the front

However, applying this eyeliner is very necessary to look forward to. You can see yourself in the mirror. Therefore, maximum women try to apply it by themselves. Looking in front of the mirror women feel an attractive motion.

To keep your eyes safe you have to open your eyes properly.

To apply this firstly, stand in front of any visible thing. Look forward

Open your eyes and apply your eyeliner with your hands. After Completing all the things, you can close your eyes.

Eyeshadow should be applied after eyeliner  

To use eyeshadow apply first eyeliner. For the hooded eyes, women’s eyes shape become small. To balance its beauty draw your eyeliner. You can use which eyeliner, do you like most. Apply it.


How to do eyeliner for hooded eyes


Just do what?

Draw an eyeliner in the lower and upper lashlines of your eyes.

To give more beauty just do use eyeshadow at the upper of your eyes. You can use this with the brush. It helps you to apply it easily on your eyes.

Pick what eyeliner is best

However, for hooded eyes, there is some eyeliner. Whose eyes are hooded. We prefer to use waterproof eyeliner. Select an eyeliner that dries easily after applying.

Because of hooded eyes, we cannot use any kind of eyeliner. Using a quick dry eyeliner it gives us refreshment.

Besides pick a product which relevant to your eye color and compliment you. Nowadays whose eyes color is green amethyst eyeliner suits them. For brown eyes while amber and blue dark goes with them.

Try to avoid black color eyeliner because for hooded eyes people it becomes their eyes smaller than their actual eyes look.

Design a dynamic wing

Wing means creating a shape on your eyes to look better. It suits with eyeliner. We will know about how to do batwing eyeliner for hooded eyes. With this wing, you can increase more beauty.

To sketch it firstly, do pick an eyeshadow that matches your eyeliner color.

Then draw a wing with the help of your eyeshadow brush. It creates a vibe. When you sketch it this brush will give you a thickness.

Now for hooded eyes, you can easily draw them. And it suits you.

Moreover, if you don’t like that wing you can easily remove it with crystal water with the help of cotton or you can use makeup remover.

Maintain a clean-up tool kit

However, we know that women love to use makeup always and it is a part of them. To design your eyes with the help of eyeliner and eyeshadow. Many of them do a mistake when they try to apply this kind of beauty product.

Moreover, giving you extraordinary tips, Always when you are doing makeup beside you just keep a micellar water or your makeup remover.

You can correct or remove all the things that mistake you have done. With the help of a cotton pad, you can easily clear all your eyeshadow or eyeliner ink, or makeup. Application of this type of beauty product is an art. Keep practicing this.

To become perfect. Always practice it.

What are the benefits of applying it?

However, to maintain all these things women always try to look better. In that kind of moment, these beauty secrets help them to archive whatever they want.

Whenever they want to anywhere like a party, wedding reception, etc. Applying eyeliner reflects most besides the makeup they applied on their face.

A lot of things to do while applying eyeliner. Have to maintain most of the ways to look better. Moreover, they have to be careful about their eyes whenever they are using this product.

Nowadays we see celebrities how to maintain their beauty. Lots of things they apply on their face. But people can’t be using all the things. Celebrities do this because they are professional. For their working professional, they have to maintain it.

However, we all normal people can use lite things to apply eyeliner. This is not an as difficult method. Therefore, just maintain all the things and need some practice to draw nice eyeliner on their faces.

Lastly, I thought

We can now see hooded eyes it is an issue for old women. But now this is most common in young women too. Simply hooded eyes describe you. It doesn’t give that much of eyelashes. Some are not looking nice. On the other hand, it looks so beautiful to others.


How to do eyeliner for hooded eyes


In our article, we discuss how your eyes will be looking nice applying eyeliner and how you can apply eyeliner. We wrote about some techniques and tips. However, we know that helped you the most.

Want to look great just follow what we mention in our article.

Applying eyeliner on your eyes. It feels like smoky vibes. Any woman who has hooded eyes follow our method. They will be looked great.

Applying eyeliner without doing any mistakes there is no behalf of practicing. Practice it by yourself. After doing it sometimes you will know everything about it.

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