How to remove mascara without makeup remover

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When a woman uses mascara on her eyelashes just want to look fabulous. But it’s a hassle. It looks better to apply but you have to remove it when your purpose for applying is done. But in most cases, women don’t know how to remove mascara without makeup remover.

How to take off mascara without makeup remover has a natural way to remove it. Using makeup remover can be serious for your health. In most cases, it doesn’t suit women’s skin.

After using mascara maximum women don’t want to remove it without remover. Because it is used in the eyes. So they think curious about it. The eyes are a very precious thing for our body.

Using natural homemade ways to remove your mascara. We can help you in that case.

To avoid all the tension we will discuss some natural ways and how you can use it in your home that how to remove mascara without makeup remover.

Tips And Techniques for removing mascara


How to remove mascara without makeup remover


In a natural way who wants to follow this homemade method? It has some extra benefits. It is suitable for your skin. However, we see some waterproof mascara, mascara lots of products. Following this step, we ensure that it won’t damage your skin. Some women use waterproof mascara they also don’t know how to remove waterproof mascara without makeup remover. For this, you come to the right place.

We will discuss below those ways how you can ensure your lashes.

Baby products


Removing mascara waterproof or non-waterproof use of baby products. In that, there are baby shampoo and also baby oil. However, it is the safest side to remove eye mascara. Because these are baby product it is manufactured for babies. When use it you can ensure that won’t harm your eyes.

Use a large cotton ball and that shampoo or oil which one you want to use pour into that cotton. After that slowly use that cotton into your eyes lashes. Apply it and close your eyes with that big cotton ball. Wait some minutes. Once you are done and want to remove that cotton use a wet cloth or cotton to remove shampoo or oil and also mascara.

This is one of the ways that how to remove mascara from the eyes without makeup remover.

Cold Cream 


All women have cold cream in their houses. This is the easiest way that anyone can follow to remove the mascara from their lashes. Therefore, we use that cream for our dry skin to hydrate. It can be used also for removing mascara or makeup.

Use this cream on your eyelashes look-like Women use it on their faces. But be careful not to use it in your eyes. Leave it for some minutes. Then take a wet cloth and remove it from your eyelashes. After that with cold water just wash your face and eyes. On the other hand, you will feel better.

Olive Oil


Olive oil is a method to remove mascara in natural ways. Nowadays we all have that oil in our houses. I can say easily this way is an answer that how to take waterproof mascara off without makeup remover. However, a natural technique to remove that kind of makeup part. Beauty fashion nowadays is common. Mascara is also popular. With that women can give shape to their eyelashes.

To use olive oil for removing mascara, first, just wet your face with warm water. Therefore, take a cotton bud and drop 2 or 3 of olive oil. And apply it to your eyelashes. Hold it for one minute or 2 minutes then wipe it until your mascara is clear. However, doing all of this then wash your face with warm water. Get a towel to dry your face.

Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum jelly is a very thick product that soaked all your mascara very easily. Natural elements are very simple to apply. There is no difficulty. Most of these are always available in our houses. Petroleum jelly is like them. Most of the women want to know how to take off waterproof mascara without makeup remover. Here it is.


How to remove mascara without makeup remover


Just wash your hand properly to keep in it. Therefore, apply it to your eyelashes with your hand. Then take a cotton pad and hold your eyes area for 5 or 6 minutes to soak your mascara. Then take a pad to wipe your lashes. After that take a clean towel and wash around the area of your eyes.

Micellar Water


If you don’t want any hassle remove your mascara. Therefore, you can use micellar water. It is a purified water that helps to remove dirt and oil from your face. This water is not like regular water. Simply you can find it at any drugstore. Just buy it from any drugstore. It also works for removing mascara. This way is very popular in Western countries. A simple technique with no hassle.

Use that with the help of a cotton pad. And rub it into your eye’s whole area. Rub it also in your eyelashes. Massaging it for some minutes. It helps to reduce your mascara. When it will be removed? Then simply wash your face.

Eye skin damage caused by makeup remover

How to remove mascara without makeup remover

We can see nowadays people are very used to makeup and beauty-related products. However, if people apply makeup. Then there is also a makeup remover to remove people’s makeup. Therefore, readymade makeup remover is not good for the skin. They use a very high chemical which is not suit for our eye skin. Skin sensibility has a different portion for different people.

In most of the cases, we see when a woman uses that kind of product. They feel hassle in their eyes. Because of the reaction of the products. It can damage your Eye skin or eyelashes. Whose eye skin doesn’t support that kind of product, we recommend not to use this.

There is a highly natural method instead of this product. However, there is no harm in chemical use. A simple house method. We discussed in our article how you can use it without any kind of problem.

Now we can understand these makeup removers how can be dangerous for our eye part while we use mascara and we want to remove it with the help of makeup removers.

Final thoughts

Therefore, in our full article, we talk about how you can remove your mascara without any remover’s support. A simple process. It is not a lengthy process. To save time, you can choose any of them which is suitable for you.

In our article, we talked about many ways that how you can remove your mascara. Using mascara is now a fashion for us. When it is high time to remove it. Therefore, we have to be very careful about our eyes. This part is very sensible for our body.

To think about all of that our natural method will be very helpful for you. Try all of this to choose which one you loved for the next time.

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